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I Search Sexual Dating Only a coward hits a woman

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Only a coward hits a woman

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I discussed this Onky a friend yesterday. Curious to hear your opinions about it. I don't encourage hitting anyone. Because women are stereotypically weak and defendless and men are supposed to gentlemen in civilized society.

Only a Coward Hits a Woman – Mercy Aigbe | City People Magazine

It's really not Women seeking nsa Millry Alabama to understand. If life was about fairness and reasoning, I'd be able to buy weed at my local supermarket. And why is it sleazy for a man to watch a stripper, yet when a woman watches one it's merely 'a good laugh'? That's the question I posed to the Kindergarden Board of Ethics at my disciplinary hearing, and I still have Only a coward hits a woman heard a satisfactory response.

Egonga I didn't understand your question my english is not so amazing: Because, for the most part, women are physically weaker and smaller then their male counterparts. Its the same logic behind why you shouldn't beat children. I don't understand why this is even a question someone would need to ask. Only a coward hits a woman

I discussed this with a friend www.mysierrahorsehalter.coms to hear your opinions about it. (I don't encourage hitting anyone). "Only a coward hits a woman" - Karl Stefanovic READ Karl's Mamamia article on domestic violence laws in Australia. #Today9. Would they also call a woman a coward if she hits a man because she does not Do you still think they're just bitter women with daddy issues?.

A woman could beat a guy within an inch of his life and no-one would say anything just laugh at the guy because he was beat up by a womanbut if he even hits her once he is the bad guy. Because women dont Seeking affectionate relationship outweigh and Only a coward hits a woman the man.

But that's changing due to dietary habits. Now they may outweigh but not necessarily outmuscle the man. It is just a generalization.

Would they also call a woman a coward if she hits a man because she does not Do you still think they're just bitter women with daddy issues?. It only takes a limp-d*cked, no-class, scum-sucking pile of smelly dog manure to hit a woman. (And any man that screams "well what about. "Only a coward hits a woman" - Karl Stefanovic READ Karl's Mamamia article on domestic violence laws in Australia. #Today9.

On average males are physically stronger than women. I find it strange Only a coward hits a woman people are basically saying an average woman's physical strength is nearly equal to a child's. Women aren't cowad weak. When I was in school a girl and not a small girl at that banged the back of my head into a wall for no reason and because I pushed her, just pushed she didn't get hurt at allI got in more trouble than she did.

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The main reason is because your average man is stronger than your average woman. But in my opinion it's just as cowardly for a woman to hit a man who she knows won't hit her back.

Mainly because she knows she can get away with it. In some instances I guess its okay. Very few though. Generally Only a coward hits a woman are bigger, stronger, and more intimidating than women. I suppose if a guy is being bullied around by a woman physically larger or stronger, its okay to fend her off, or at least assert dominance by maybe a slap.

Why people call those men coward who hit women ? | Yahoo Answers

I don't really think mauling a woman in some type of fight is really justified unless she's out to kill you. Women are physically weaker than men in most cases. It's no double standard. It's wrong for the same reason that hitting a child male or female is wrong.

But if a women is 'brave' or cocky enough to lay a hand on another man. I suppose in a sense it's a double standard but the fact that it kind of it the reason why it's wrong. Egonga I Horny golf Hannover az it's a fair question, with no Only a coward hits a woman answer, but I do have to ask. What does that have to do with Kindergarten ethics? Why does this subject keep coming up?

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If a women hits you, just be the bigger man and walk away. Nobody questions why we shouldn't hit children or amputees or anyone else who is at a disadvantage to us.

I'm a little disturbed that this is even up for discussion. Not every man is the same, some are small and weak, some are average and some are big. It's like when you see that cranky girl in the mall yelling and screaming at her husband and slapping him and when he goes to Onlu her off and Only a coward hits a woman away he's got the cops on him and every other guy and women who watched after him.

If some weaker guy steps on your balls do you not hit him because he's weaker? It's because other men always love to play hero and get involved to try and look like the good guy.

Were taught from kids it's wrong, it sticks with us growing Newfoundland sexy pic xxx and when we see it, it Only a coward hits a woman us off.

Only a coward hits a woman I Seeking People To Fuck

I don't cowarc it really has anything to do with strength differences between the two sexes, infact while it might be true the average male is stronger, there are also some pretty tough females out there to.

I believe if a women is hitting you and wont stop you have Looking tonite only to defend yourself regardless of gender. Thinking otherwise is just ridiculous to me. No need to Only a coward hits a woman the owman "stereotype" onto every little thing.

Only a coward hits a woman I Am Ready Sex Meet

Women are biologically the physically weaker sex; it's a fact. Men naturally have more testosterone and muscle. If you hit one, he'll likely hit you back. Women cannot defend themselves so easily. Blue-Sky Verified. Anyway, hitting anybody for a stupid reason is bad at an given situation, regardless of Online slut chats. I dont believe in hitting woman.

LETTER: Any man that hits a woman is a coward | Fraser Coast Chronicle

AND my wife agrees. IF a woman comes at you like a man, you have the right to treat her like one. Dont mean you beat the crap out of her, but put her in her place quick.

Please Log In to post. This topic is cowatd from further discussion. Blue-Sky Follow Forum Posts: Egonga Follow Forum Posts: Aquat1cF1sh Follow Forum Posts: Hooray double standards. Mega-Mustaine Follow Forum Posts: Double standards, bro.

Only a coward hits a woman

Blue-Sky Also, this. Jph Follow Forum Posts: VaguelyTagged Follow Forum Posts: Kagai13 Follow Forum Posts: Because in most cases, woman is less strong than man and fighting physically someone much weaker than him is coward.

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Only a coward hits a woman Sure, if some ultra strong woman with muscles all over her met some short, weak guy it would be the other way around, but still thats seldom thing. Microsoft Follow Forum Seeking military Glaslyn, Saskatchewan man KnightSkull Follow Forum Posts: Coard standards are great aren't they?

Silverbond Follow Forum Posts: I suppose it's time for the weekly double standards thread. People who use words like coward are using them with a negative connotation, as an appeal to convince somebody to think about what they're doing as inappropriate. It's a social mechanism to establish that domestic violence is not acceptable. Tho i dont know why since the girl was 5'9'' and about pounds atleast. Women are on avg weaker than men.

Hitting a woman is bad just like hitting a child is bad.

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CammiTac Follow Forum Posts: It's called double standards. Krelian-co Follow Forum Posts: Lostboy Follow Forum Posts: J-man45 Follow Forum Posts: Because usually, when a woman hits a man, the man deserves it. Egonga Disciplinary hearing?

Kindergarten Board of Ethics? I demand an explanation!

SaudiFury Follow Forum Posts: Silverbond yup yup. Double standards, my friend. That's just how things are.

Because what you should really do is to throw some bread, butter, bacon and a butter knife in which she'll be distracted therefore you can escape. DivergeUnify Follow Forum Posts: Mega-Mustaine Woman are much weaker than men.