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Sierra Horse Halter

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Product Description

Free shipping in US!!!  Sierra Horse Halter is a revolutionary way to communicate with your horse. When engaged, the halter puts pressure on the bridge of the horses nose and the crest of the neck. At the same time, the pressure is completely relieved at the poll behind the ears. Teach your horse to lead respectfully, stand quietly on a single tie or cross tie, and accelerate training for head carriage and head and neck control. The Sierra Horse Halter can be used like any other halter and for the same purposes, but it gives you much more. A small person can have much more power over a 1000 pound horse because of more control over where that horse puts his nose. Horses that pull back when tied or when they feel pressure on the poll from regular halters, are given a new feel to react to, and that reaction is usually very favorable. Horses that pull their owners around when leading will stop and walk respectfully along side. Even those horses that yank you around for a bite of grass will stop. It is not because they are hurt in any way. The halter simply limits the movement as far as where the horse can put the nose. It is an amazing product that will change the way you look at halters. No knots to put pressure on sensitive areas. Two points of contact instead of heavy contact in the poll area. Vertical head carriage comes naturally when using the halter. Pushy stallions are much more controllable with this halter. When a horse pulls back and puts pressure on themselves the halter pulls the nose back towards the chest and releases pressure at the poll. This in no way hurts the horse and it does not limit air supply. It is more like a wrestlers block. The Sierra Horse Halter is not just another piece of rope, it is a tool! 

Colors are not an option because the color points to the size. We have Tan, Burgundy, Gray and Black; each connected to a respective size. You may have the color of your choice if you special order it and wait an additional week.

Check out our new lead rope. The perfect compliment to the Sierra Horse Halter. Sold seperately.

With the halter you may get a free DVD of more than 2 hours viewing of Alberto using the Sierra Horse Halters on problem horses for the first time. These are not staged, but real time videos with horses he has never touched or seen before. Please select the No Thank you option if you do not want it.

          Extra Small Fits very young horses or very small Paso Finos or Ponies etc. Comes in Tan. 

          Small fits  Paso average Finos, small type Arabians, and small headed and short thinner necked horses such as young QH's or TB's. Comes in Charcoal Gray color.

            Medium Sierra Horse Halters fit Adult Quarter Horses, and most other horses of this size; Small Friesians, Adult Thourobred's, Tennessee Walking Horses, Large Type Arabians, any average type horse of this size. 

            Large Sierra Horse Halters fit larger Friesians, Andalusians, Warmbloods and horses that are around this size. Sometimes horses with huge necks need a larger size even though the halter part fits well.

            Custom Sierra Horse Halters are for Fjords, work horses and other horses that don't seem to fit into a catagory. See the instruction page to measure your horse for a custom halter.          


1.  If you worry about the nose band of the halter cutting into the nose, put a sheep skin cover on it. The object is not to hurt your horse, it is to block the horses movement.

2.  If you are correcting a problem such as pulling, use the SHH consistently for an extended time. Horses are so smart that they will quickly determine if you are using the SHH or a regular halter. You must use it long enough to completely break the habit. I use the SHH "all" the time on these horses because there is no reason to go back to a regular halter. It works for everything. 

3. Remember; do not leave your horse alone during training, and keep the neck pressure rope pulled back on the horses crest while training. The neck pressure rope being engaged on the crest is the secret to using the SHH successfully.

See Reviews below!

Product Videos

Clipping Ears with the Sierra Horse Halter ()
  • Clipping Ears with the Sierra Horse Halter
  • Horse with Sensitive Ears and the Sierra Horse Halter
  • Cabezal Sierra Horse Halter especial para corrección de problemas - www.delcaballista.com (HD)
  • Sierra Horse Halter Ad 1
  • Demonstration of the Sierra Horse Halter and Paint Horse

Warranty Information

This product is guaranteed against material defects. We will replace any halter if it breaks because of defects. You must send the broken halter back to us before we will replace it.

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Product Reviews

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  1. great product, prompt service 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 23rd Sep 2014

    Loved the Sierra horse halter, and hoping to get my Alberto Sierra
    video series on training my own horse

  2. The SHH has been a godsend for my mare!!! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 3rd Jul 2014

    I have an 8 year old OTTB mare. She loads fine but HAD a serious issue with pulling back when tied, to the point where she would break her lead rope, flip over backwards and go into a full blown panic. She was dangerous to be around and many people told me to put her down or give her away for free as she was"untrainable and crazy". I was nearing my wits end as I had tried every method out there to correct the pulling back. Luckily I came across a YouTube video demonstrating the SHH and quickly ordered it as well as a 12'double yacht braided lead rope. First I introduced her to the halter and then lunged her in it. Next I tied her. ..she panicked and pulled back twice and hasn't pulled back a single time since!!! She has learned to give in to pressure and respects the halter as well as giving me more respect. She's now my perfect riding partner with no vices and we are now jumping 2'6 fences. I feel much safer and more confident while working with her and this halter is worth its weight in gold! !!! I'd recommend this halter to anyone. Don't knock it til you try it!

  3. I love this halter... 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 9th Mar 2014

    The Sierra Horse Halter can be used the same way as any other halter, but it gives you an edge if you need it. I have one for each of my horses. The only bad reviews I have ever seen for this halter are from people who have not used it. Great new idea!

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