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CBD Products for People

These products are the ones I use myself. The reason I sell them is that I have found them so helpful for pain and anxiety problems in myself and my pets and my family. I can't say what they will do for you, but you may give them a try. I had sleep problems because of lower back pain which causes leg and ankle pain when I lay down and relax. I started out with one gummy at bed time, which delivers .25 mg of CBD. At first it knocked me out. As my body has acclimated, sometimes it takes a little more. My husband takes a gummy in the morning to help with his anxiety issues. My son works extremely hard physically and needs the CBD for pain reasons. Everyone is different and you may react differently. Sometimes if I am really in pain I also need over the counter pain med in combination, which never worked alone before. What a difference CBD has made for me. I hope it helps you too. No you will not get Hi as this does not have that factor in it.  I buy my CBD from the following company. They have all the research info you will ever need to make your decision, and you can also purchase from them, but I hope you will purchase from me. Thank you, Gail Springer.    https://cbdoilsandedibles.com

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