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Why I sell the Sierra Horse Halter

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I have ridden horses all my life; literally! My mom and dad had horses when I was born, and I was put up on them for pictures etc as soon as possible. My dad had to sell my mom's favorite horse to get me out of the hospital when I was born, so I have a real connection there. 

My parents raised all kinds of horses when I was young. When I was 12 years old, I broke welsh sized horses for my dad to earn my first Big Horn Saddle. My favorite horse to ride back then was a POA stallion named Comanche. 

When I got old enough to have my own horses, I fell in love with Appaloosas. My husband and I raised them for several years. Then when I sold my personal trail riding gelding and was without a horse, I offered to brake my moms Paso Fino filly, Fancy, so I would have a horse to ride over the summer. Well, that led to Paul and I selling all our Appaloosas and purchasing Paso Finos. 

I am 61 years old now and still have Paso Finos and I still ride. The point that I am making is that I have seen it all. Horses come in every color, size, and personality. Some are plain nutty and nervous and some are lazy as all get out.

I know that some horses have mental problems when it comes to close spaces and pull back for no apparent reason and you can't predict when it will happen. I just shake my head when I hear people who come across these horses say they have been abused. I really doubt it!! We have had two horses that pulled back at times and sometimes it was dangerous and ugly. Yes, they pull back when being handled. That does not mean they are being abused. 

Dandy was a puller from the day we put the halter on. We tried everything to get him to stop. We finally stopped tying him altogether. We sold him to a roper who tied him in the horse trailer (we warned him). Dandy pulled back once to often and pulled a tendon in his hind leg. He was put down. 

The other was a big Appaloosa gelding who was totally unpredictable and would pull at odd times. Once he pulled back broke his rope and ended upside down between the horse trailer and the truck. If it weren't for the saddle I'm afraid he would have broken his back on the jack. We sold him at age 12 and I'm sure he still pulled back once in a while. 

The point is that if I had the Sierra Horse Halter for these horses, they would not have continued on with the pulling problem, and Dandy would probably have gone on to become a great roping horse. We recently inherited two Paso Fino mares who were grass foundered. They were 7 years old, untrained, fearful and in pain and they pulled at the slightest pressure. We used the Sierra Horse halter to train these girls and they are now extraordinary horses. I totally expect that they will never pull again. 

When I got the opportunity to sell the Sierra Horse Halter on my site, I was thrilled. It is an extraordinary tool. I believe in it. I use it all the time. It is more than a tool to stop pulling, it helps with a myriad of other training problems as well. It is what I call "The Better Halter". If you raise or train multiple horses, you will need a Sierra Horse Halter sometime in your walk. I guarantee it. That is why I sell it. :)

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