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Sierra Horse Halter #4

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Well, after selling the Sierra Horse Halter for more than 3 years, I have learned a few things. One is that the sizing is fickle; which means it is not one size fits all or three sizes fit all. Most recently I have had a few customers return small halters in exchange for mediums. I need to talk a little about this here.

The SHH was designed for training and correcting habits and a tight fitting nose band is ok for this, however, if you want your horse to chew food or be high lined while camping etc, you will definitely want a bigger size. I have Paso Finos, and three out of four use medium halters. I use the halter for everything and want my horses to be comfortable. Therefore I want the nose band to be looser than the small allows. If the nose band pulls up to the eye like a regular rope halter, then it is definitely too large, and if the horse pulls back it may injure the area under the eye. See what I mean about fit?

The neck pressure rope is also a consideration. It should drop back on the crest at least half way down. The more your horse breaks at the poll, the further down the crest the neck pressure rope will drop so this will vary also. But to start, you want this to be about half way. 

I usually tell people who ask, that they should buy the SHH the same as their currant halter size. It has been working pretty well, however, some small horses can definitly do better with a medium. Decisions, decisions!!! 

Thanks for your ear, and I hope this helps a little. 

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