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What is a Jaquima and How do you Use it?

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    A Jaquima is a traditional head gear for training, riding, and showing the Paso Fino Horse.

     There is essentially two kinds of Jaquimas; training and showing. 

     The show Jaquima is usually made of finer types of leather, narrow and dainty. The biggest difference besides the fineness, is the Barbada or Curb or Chin strap (all the same thing). It has one ring in the middle for the Pisador to be strung through. This Jaquima is not used per say, but is worn because it is traditional. A bit hanger is also applied and the horse is ridden using only a bit when showing. These Jaquimas are usually quite expensive and come with matching bit hangers and reins.

     The training Jaquima that comes from Colombia is usually made of raw hide. When new they are very stiff and need to be oiled and worked to soften. They also have a rawhide pisador attached. These Jaquimas are used for training and riding many horses and they will last a long time. They have a heavy Barbada or Curb or chinstrap that has two rings attached to hook snapped reins to. This Jaquima is traditionally used for training the Paso Fino and fits their smaller heads. When the horse is working to the trainers satisfaction, a bit hanger and bit are also applied. These horses are almost always ridden with two reins, one applied to the jaquima and the other to the bit, unless being shown, at which time the horse is ridden with only the bit. This saves the horses mouth.

     PFL Inc. sells the Camden Gap Jaquima. It is made for training and pleasure riding. It can be used alone, or with a bit hanger and bit applied also. We designed this Jaquima to fit other breeds of horses because we found this system to be so effective that we believe trail riders and pleasure riders of other breeds will love it too. The leather is the finest English Bridle leather, but it is made with wider straps for heavy use. It has a pretty stainless steel or brass rosette at the temple to add some class. The nose band is soft but heavy leather, and the barbada is heavy so if you have to pull hard, it will be felt. I guess you could call our Jaquima the Americanized version. We use ours for training all breeds of horses.

     The Jaquima is a lateral tool which means that it is made for pulling the head to the side. While training, you should always pull only one rein at a time. This keeps your horse from getting heavy in the front or pushing his nose out. With repetition and time, the horse will stop just by picking up one rein and using your body to signal the stop. We also teach flexing. Flex, flex, flex! This keeps the horse light in the front and loosens up the shoulders and neck. After the horse is trained completely with the Jaquima, then you can introduce the bit. Let the horse carry the bit without a rein until he ignores its presence. At this time one rein is used on the jaquima and one rein is used on the bit. Some people who do not like using double reins for various reasons. Many like the converter rein which gives 50% / 50% on the jaquima and bit but still has one single rope rein to handle. This gets the horse used to pressure on the bit, but reinforces the training with the jaquima. After the horse works perfectly this way, he can be ridden on the bit only. But a good trainer will always ride with the jaquima along with the bit to save his horses mouth and use the bit only for showing or showing off, etc.. Also, if you ride with double reins or a converter rein, you can unclip the bit completely if someone you don't know gets on your horse. Always try to save your horses mouth. After we get our horses trained to the bit, we go back to just the jaquima for every day riding and only put the bit on if we need it for refinement or those times when the horse is so excited that we need the bit for extra control. Always use the jaquima for training. Again, save your horses mouth for refinement. 

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