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We have a new size and a new color for the SHH.

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PFL Inc. now have a new size of Sierra Horse Halter. Extra Small. This halter will fit  Paso Finos with very small heads and thinner necks. This size may also be suitable for younger horses of the Quarter Horse and Arabian Breeds, as well as some of the other smaller breeds of that size. You will know if you own a small SHH and it is too big for your particular equine friend that the x-small will be a good choice. This halter is Brown.

The size small Sierra Horse Halter is now a charcoal gray color. This has come about because of customer request for a color that will not show the grime and sweat so much. Yes, you can wash the halter to brighten it up, but in reality how much does a busy person do this? The gray has proven to be a good change.

Sierra Horse Halter-Sizing Your Horse #2

Figuring out the size of Sierra Horse Halter to purchase for your horse is not hard. But there are a couple of circumstances that may change the size you need from the obvious. Ordinarily, if your horse uses a small medium or large regular nylon or rope halter, you would choose the same size of SHH. If [...]

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