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We have a new size and a new color for the SHH.

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PFL Inc. now have a new size of Sierra Horse Halter. Extra Small. This halter will fit  Paso Finos with very small heads and thinner necks. This size may also be suitable for younger horses of the Quarter Horse and Arabian Breeds, as well as some of the other smaller breeds of that size. You will know if you own a small SHH and it is too big for your particular equine friend that the x-small will be a good choice. This halter is Brown.

The size small Sierra Horse Halter is now a charcoal gray color. This has come about because of customer request for a color that will not show the grime and sweat so much. Yes, you can wash the halter to brighten it up, but in reality how much does a busy person do this? The gray has proven to be a good change.

How to Measure Your Horse for a Custom Sierra Horse Halter

Let Your Horse Stand Relaxed when measuring. Measure in Inches.#1 Around the nose (circumference) about half way between the eye and nostril.#2 Straight Line from the bottom of the chin to the top of the poll (one side only).#3 Around the neck (circumference) from under the chin up around the crest (half [...]

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Sierra Horse Halter #4

Well, after selling the Sierra Horse Halter for more than 3 years, I have learned a few things. One is that the sizing is fickle; which means it is not one size fits all or three sizes fit all. Most recently I have had a few customers return small halters in exchange for mediums. I [...]

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Sierra Horse Halter #3 Cruelty or Kindness?

In this day and age, there is no reason for horse cruelty. Unfortunately to show the effectiveness of the Sierra Horse Halter in stopping really bad habits, we show horses on You Tube that are in a full state of rebellion when wearing the halter for the first time. These horses are either in full panic [...]

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Sierra Horse Halter-Leaving Halter on Horse .....#1

In talking to a customer after she purchased a Sierra Horse Halter, I realized I need to clarify a few things. The Sierra Horse Halter is a great tool for correcting unwanted habits, and I have been telling people to use it all the time in place of regular halters. As horses are so smart that they [...]

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