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Sierra Horse Halter-Sizing Your Horse #2

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Figuring out the size of Sierra Horse Halter to purchase for your horse is not hard. But there are a couple of circumstances that may change the size you need from the obvious. 

Ordinarily, if your horse uses a small medium or large regular nylon or rope halter, you would choose the same size of SHH. If your horse is foundered or just extra fat and has a thick heavy neck, you may need a size larger because the neck pressure rope will need to be longer. You can see the difference in neck sizes in the pictures below. Same head size, but different sized SHH because of the neck. Andalusians are another breed that may be an exception with a Medium sized head but large neck. Fjords have a large sized head, but need an extra long neck pressure rope, so this would be a special order or Extra Large. We have made halters for work horses also, but they are special order. 

So in conclusion, order the same size Sierra Horse Halter as you would purchase of a regular halter unless your horse has an extra thick heavy neck, then go up a size.

The mare below has a fine long head and a short thin neck. She wears a small SHH. She normally wears a size Medium nylon halter.

The mare below is foundered and overweight. Even though she has a size small head, the SHH must be a medium because of her large thick neck.

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