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Sierra Horse Halter-Leaving Halter on Horse .....#1

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In talking to a customer after she purchased a Sierra Horse Halter, I realized I need to clarify a few things. 

The Sierra Horse Halter is a great tool for correcting unwanted habits, and I have been telling people to use it all the time in place of regular halters. As horses are so smart that they remember when the SHH is on and when a regular halter is on. This way, the habit is forgotten over time because the horse looses the opportunity to perform it.

What I did not think about is that some people leave halters on their horses in the pasture and stall all the time. Please do not leave the SHH on your horse in the pasture or stall. If you like to leave a halter on your horse all the time and find it inconvenient to switch back and forth from your halter to the SHH, simply put the SHH over your halter for training and then remove it when you turn out. You do not need to remove your regular halter in this case.

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