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How The Sierra Horse Halter Helped Jancy, a Thoroughbred Filly

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Janet graciously let me use her video to show how the Sierra Horse Halter helped her to communicate more effectively with her thoroughbred filly, Jancy. Janet called me to discuss the filly and the SHH sizing. She told me that the filly was determined to be a “free spirit” to the point of being somewhat dangerous by kicking, striking, and jumping around on the line. Plus she had developed the habit of pulling back on her lead when tied and was throwing herself down on the ground. She said she even consulted an animal psychic who said Jancy saw herself as a wild mustang out on the prairie.

We decided that Jancy should have a small sized Sierra Horse Halter for now, even though she will probably out grow it. You can tell by the video that Janet used kindness and Natural methods to communicate. She is not using the Sierra Horse Halter to “strong arm” Jancy into submission. She is using it to get her attention so that she “can” communicate. Until Jancy learns that she must respect humans and that they are not simply play toys, she is dangerous simply because of her size. The SHH will help Janet to convey this fact and put her on more even ground with Jancy until she matures and mellows some. Although after seeing her power off at the end of the video, maybe she should be on the race track!! This control will be even more important when Jancy is introduced to horse trailers.

Thank you, Janet for sharing your adventure with Jancy and the Sierra Horse Halter. The following is a couple of emails in Janet’s own words.

September 27…….. I plan to work her in the halter for a bit before I try tying her up again, so she gets accustomed to giving to it.

I love the way it works!!!! I don’t know what I was thinking when I got a very hot blooded TB filly (she’s a granddaughter of Alydar – who ran second in all three triple crown races in the late 70′s). She literally hit the ground running. The main reason was, I knew if I didn’t adopt her (her mother was surrendered to a local equine rescue); if I didn’t adopt her there was a family that was going to adopt her and they had never owned horses before, so if she had gone to them, she would be completely wild today and extremely difficult to handle (she’s not easy to handle now and I’ve been working with her since she was 3 months old and I have A LOT of experience raising and training horses). So; I rescued her from the rescue. LOL

October 13……Just a note to let you know Jancy is doing great. Not even thinking about pulling back!!!!

I am so so pleased with the Sierra Horse Halter. I’ve been in training and training horses most of my life – and I’m 51. (I’ve had over 10 years of lessons, been to horse management school and attended countless clinics). And I’ve never been more pleased with a training tool.

I love the way the halter breaks the horse at the pole. It causes instant submission. My horse has never been more responsive. She has never been easy to work with. She literally hit the ground running and was completely spoiled by 2 months of age; rearing up and knocking people over etc.

She is still very playful. She loves to strike out with her front feet and buck and play on the lounge line. She can’t get away with that in the Sierra Halter.

Please follow the link below to see Jancy’s Video.

How the Sierra Horse Halter Helped Jancy        image

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