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Sierra Horse Halters

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The Sierra Horse Halter is a new type of halter for training and correcting horses right from the beginning or when they develop habitual problems when using traditional halters. By using the SHH, the horse has the chance to "reset", as he must stop what he is doing and think about a new and different reaction. This gives him a chance to start over and stop old reactions to every day situations that have become triggers for bad behaviors. When used from the first day of training, many of these reactions are avoided all together. An added bonus is the beautiful headset that these horses develop. Once you begin using the SHH it will be the halter you reach for every time. Try the "Better Halter"!

The Sierra Horse Halter Comes in 5 sizes: Extra Small (Black), Small (Gray for Paso Finos, Arabians, and young horses), Medium (Maroon for Quarter Horses ,Tennessee Walking Horses, Fox Trotters, etc.), and Large (Black for Andalusians and Sport Horses) And custom halters for Draft Horses and others who are put together a bit different. Use our chart to determine the dimensions of the Custom Halter.

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